Er Genio da farina (The genius of the flour)

Master Bakery Fabio Albanesi: Many times, Italian and European champion of artistic bakery

Sculpture is the great passion of Master Baker Fabio Albanesi, also known in Roman dialect as ER GENIO DA FARINA (the genius of flour); a passion that he would like to contribute to its growth through training courses because he always believed that sculpture serves to enhance even more bread.

Fabio is Italy’s most imaginative and creative Master of Creative bakery and through his lessons the students will be able to learn the techniques for the creation of artistic works that have won awards throughout Europe. Fruit baskets, animals, people, floral compositions and various decorations that allow everyone to express their own creativity.

A Christmas atmosphere with the scent of bread in the air of the PAUL VI Audience Hall in the Vatican! A great crib and Christmas tree made entirely of bread dough were given to Pope Francis – reported by the Osservatore Romano newspaper - during a general audience. The sculpture with the representation of the Nativity was entirely made by the baker Fabio Albanesi.

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