Craft production of high pastries, bread making, pinza romana, gastronomy, gelati, chocolate and candies.

Pregiata Forneria Albanesi is a solid point of reference given the quality of the products on offer. Master Baker Fabio Albanesi, founder and manager of the 3 points of sale of Pregiata Forneria in Rome, Fiano Romano and Senigallia is the guarantee of high pastries and renowned bakery products.

Our specialties

Craft Panettoni and Colombe (Doves) are available in a number of varieties, with fillings from the classic candied fruit, raisins, pistachios, Chocolate to the more whimsical tastes such as candied olives, candied tomatoes, peaches and sangria, apricot and champagne.

  • Torroni (nougat): from the classic to the new and original flavours, berries, ginger, banana and many others
  • Spreadable creams in various flavours for breakfast and tasty snacks.
  • Mignon and tea pastries: a wide selection, always fresh on the day.
  • Pizzas: soft and crunchy with long leavening times, in various flavours, from the classical to the more particular
  • Bread: baked daily by our qualified and selected staff.
  • Gelato: worked according to old traditions using fresh fruit and cream.
  • Chocolate: Easter Eggs and personalized chocolates.
  • Candying: The Master Baker personally lends himself to the candying of all the seasonal foods that will then be inserted into the panettoni and the colombe that make them unique.

Fresh mother yeast is strictly used in all our leavened products..

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Pregiata Forneria Albanesi
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Pregiata Forneria Albanesi
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Pregiata Forneria Albanesi

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